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Scan, Pay and Go - Clerk of Court offers Cash Payment Solution - Feb 20, 2018

Roger D. Eaton, Charlotte County Clerk of Circuit Court and County Comptroller, is the first in the State of Florida to offer the remote cash payment program which allows individuals to pay fines at local 7-Elevens, Family Dollar, and CVS stores around the county without ever coming to the Charlotte County Justice Center

Citizens wanting to make payments without going to the Justice Center can use the Clerk’s office website at, to make traditional credit/debit card payments or use the new cash solution. When selecting the cash option, citizens follow three simple steps to complete their payment:

  • Print a payment barcode slip or have the barcode sent to their mobile phone.
  • Go to the retail location selected using their zip code.
  • Have their barcode scanned and obtained a receipt. When the payment is completed at the retail location of choice, a notification is sent to the Clerk’s office financial system within minutes of the payment.